About Us

Experience Sets Us Apart

We have decades of experience in power plants, steel mills,

paper mills, food plants, chemical plants, refineries, cooling towers and other applications where chemicals are used to treat water. Heartland has the experience to identify your feed problems on-site. We combine our in-plant experience with state-of-the art electronics and proven quality components to create custom engineered systems.

Our Solution Process                                 

We will visit your plant and analyze

your application to determine the

equipment needed to solve your

chemical feed problems. 

We’ll design a solution with  detailed CAD application and system drawings. 

With customer approval, we will source and assemble a complete turn-key package.   Our systems are built with the operator in mind.  All components are easily accessible. This makes it easy to check and replace components and perform routine preventative maintenance.

Before being put into production service, the system undergoes a series of test procedures that closely simulates the full range of conditions in your application environment.

After delivery, Heartland offers start up service, training and extended preventative maintenance contracts.

We Make it Easy

We accept MasterCard and Visa.  We also offer rental, lease and lease-to-own packages.  We will customize a rental or lease arrangement that suits your needs.

At Heartland, we design and fabricate reliable equipment.  We carry and use the best components available.  We make it easy to buy, rent or lease.  We start up your system and can provide service and maintenance.  A Heartland chemical feed solution will help optimize your plant operations and improve your  bottom line.